About Us


As an SIA ACS accredited security company, Crown Security Solutions are in the business of securing the safety of our clients.
You can rest assured that every security officer deployed on your premises will be well-trained and have excellent knowledge of the law.
Our aim is to provide you with an excellent, valuable service at all times.
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Crown Security Solutions Limited has a reputation for intelligent planning and immediate response.
The company has gained strong recognition for its integrity and high standards, both within the UK and in the Middle East.
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Our people are at the heart of our business. We recognise that they are the face of Crown Security Solutions and we rely on them to provide excellent customer service, and to conduct themselves in line with the company’s values and standards. Through our well-trained security officers we are always confident that the delivery of a quality service will be achieved. We provide ongoing training in order to keep our officers up to date and increase their analytical abilities.


Crown Security Solutions utilise integrated technology tools such as time and personnel tracking, video verification and drone technology. Our technology enables us to be efficient and effective in providing security services to clients. This also helps us to be competitive, enabling us to provide a quality service at a great price.
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To keep our clients satisfied, we strive to provide value added services all the time. At the outset of every contract we carry out a site review and risk assessment to determine reasonable, sensible measures for protection. The priority is to establish the correct level of security required – be it manned guarding, CCTV, mobile patrol, key-holding, or event security.
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We will provide our clients’ personnel with special training in addition to special equipment, depending on the security assignment. Other specialised services we provide include close protection and special event security.
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We make sure that at the start of the contract specific Assignment Instructions (AIs) are agreed between our clients and ourselves, covering all aspects of a security officer’s duties on a site.

At the outset we also make sure that a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is created. The SLA clearly defines what we will deliver and monitors how well we do it, enabling you to know exactly what to expect from us, and what we have committed to. Our Service Level Agreements are tailored to your organisation’s needs: to your infrastructure, your premises and your people.

We measure the SLAs using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations. In the process, we measure the effectiveness of each individual security officer as well as our performance overall against the contract’s Assignment Instructions and agreed Service Level Agreements.

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