Security Services

Site security

Facility security measures are wide-ranging, from the very design of a facility at its planning stage (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design, or CPTED concept) to numerous types of target-hardening features and equipment systems that can be installed to deter or detect intruders.

The strategy behind CPTED is that it is possible to influence a potential offender’s decision by increasing the perception of a higher risk of apprehension.

Walls, fencing, gates, signage and lighting are common enough deterrents to protect against intruders. This first line of security is often reinforced with further protective layers such as systems for access controlintruder detectionvideo monitoringfire detection & protection, vehicle and personnel scanners, trained dogs for search and guard functions and a suitably trained guard force to deter and respond to incidents.

The selection of the right tools and the level of investment will be determined by the threat being faced and the likelihood of that threat materialising.

We guarantee a premium service and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals will ensure the protection of your assets.

Bedwatch officers

The enhanced patient observation scheme has been developed in conjunction with the risk co-ordinator and clinical staff at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Our team work with the hospital’s violent patient scheme and the mental health liaison team to ensure staff, patients and visitors are safe and protected within the hospital.

Every patient is continually risk assessed to determine the most appropriate level of supervision for their needs.

Event security

Crown Security Solutions is a premier supplier of event safety and security services, working with organisers on large-scale events hosting major celebrities from the film, music and sports industries. Our dedicated team has successfully undertaken the safety and security of successful events throughout the UK.

Through experience we know that each event is unique. For this reason a detailed risk assessment specific to the type of event, location and audience is conducted as a first step. This allows us to follow a customised security plan that anticipates, monitors and controls potential risk.

Our experts can offer support every step of the way, advising on issues such as venue planning, access control, crowd flows, and critical area protection. Crown Security also take responsibility for coordinating all associated services such as police, stewards, medical, traffic management and firefighting teams.

Crown Security Solutions’ expertise and commitment allow event organisers to focus on the actual delivery of the entertainment, knowing that safety and security issues are in good hands.

Strategies for big events

Finding the right security operatives is paramount, as we recognise that Crown Security Solutions personnel will normally be your first point of contact with your customers. We conduct regular mandatory scenarios so that we know our teams are prepared and always deliver the very best in customer service.

At Crown Security Solutions all of our operatives have been trained in conflict management, which is the first step towards being able to defuse any conflict, or passively managing aggressive behaviour, thereby promoting a safe and enjoyable atmosphere and avoiding any escalation of the situation.

Security consultancy

Our cohesive approach to security strategies means that our customers use a mixture of our consultancy and specialist services.

Where Experience counts

Our client range is growing continuously and covers both private and public sector organisations. The level of knowledge across our experienced management team and security consultants is extensive, allowing us to produce a comprehensive, deliverable and – most importantly – workable security strategy.

Security audits and loss prevention are just a few of the areas where we know we can benefit a business. Through robust profiling and preparation we can deliver a security strategy that provides you with sound peace of mind.

Our external security audits enable us to ascertain any threats and evaluate risks and vulnerabilities relevant to your business and your location.


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