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The enhanced patient observation scheme has been developed in conjunction with the risk co-ordinator and clinical staff at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Our bedwatch officers team work with the hospital’s violent patient scheme and the mental health liaison team to ensure staff, patients and visitors are safe and protected within the hospital.

Every patient is continually risk assessed to determine the most appropriate level of supervision for their needs.

We currently deliver various services at two NHS hospitals, 5 PCUs and a private international patient transfer facility.

Our commitment to training and our focus on problematic patients have been welcomed throughout the healthcare industry.


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Crown Security Solutions fully appreciate that the NHS and healthcare sectors face challenging issues and we provide services to allow NHS staff to perform their duties in a safer environment, considerably reducing the fear of assault or abuse.

Our pioneering management programs, currently implemented across multiple NHS sites and trusts, have facilitated an overall reduction in staff assaults and verbal abuse, and an improvement in patient care through the enhanced patient observations program.

Our full, transparent and open disclosure system is facilitated by our security management platform, which is now considered to be one of the best in the world. In fact it is such a useful tool, real-time reporting is helping NHS department management improve patient care, monitor safeguarding and produce audit-supporting information to NHS managers and front-line staff.

Our services to the NHS are continually evolving through our in-house training team whose focus is to provide full training in conflict management, safeguarding, specialist subjects and bespoke physical intervention courses designed for clinical environments and approved by the NHS.

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Our Bedwatch officers are non-threatening, highly trained security officers with excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills. They are all SIA licensed, have full training in conflict management and safeguarding, and have undertaken a bespoke physical intervention course.

All services provided will adhere to healthcare guidelines and are in line with current NHS regulations and recommendations.

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